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Coachella - (760) 391-9062
Premier Urgent Care-Coachella
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Work Vaccinations, School Inoculations serving San Bernadino and Riverside County, CA

With Locations in Indio, Coachella, Palm Springs, and San Bernardino, CA

Whether or not you take the time to appreciate it, good health impacts every aspect of your life. From your ability to work to your ability to play, a healthy body keeps you going strong.

Vaccinations keep you safe from such illnesses as chicken pox, typhoid, and the flu, making them an essential part of any health regimen. To receive your immunizations in San Bernardino County, CA, or Riverside County, CA, set up an appointment with Premier Urgent Care Centers of California, Inc., today. You can also receive a TB test at our clinic.

Vaccinations Close to Home

With locations in Palm Springs, Coachella, Indio, and San Bernardino, CA, we provide a convenient location for you and your loved ones to receive all the vaccinations you need.

Whether it’s time for your child’s school inoculations or work vaccinations, the warm and compassionate staff at Premier Urgent Care Centers of California, Inc., can help keep you and your family safe from illness.

Fast, Affordable Care

As an urgent care center, we strive to keep our waiting room times down and our costs low. We accept most insurance, and we often offer cash discounts to those who may not have insurance coverage.

Our nurses, doctors, and staff are passionate about keeping people healthy and safe, and it shows in how we treat of our patients. No one likes getting shots, and we do our best to alleviate the discomfort and nervousness of each of our patients, whether they are an infant or a middle-aged adult. For personal or work vaccinations, or your child’s school inoculations, trust the caring service of the staff at Premier Urgent Care Centers of California, Inc.

Don’t wait to get immunized. Contact us today. For our Indio office, call (760) 775-9500. For services in Coachella, call (760) 391-9062. For our clinic in Palm Springs, call (760) 864-1000. For our San Bernardino location, call (909) 883-1098.

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