Medical Emergency Center in Coachella, CA

A trip to the emergency room can be expensive and time-consuming. Doctors may look at more critical patients before you, and you may spend several hours in the ER before getting any care.

At the Premier Urgent Care Centers of California, Inc., we provide affordable medical care with short wait times and compassionate, qualified, personable staff members. Come to our Coachella, CA, facility with any minor emergency, and we’ll quickly get you on your way to healing and recovery.

Friendly, Affordable Care

Our medical emergency center is prepared to treat and care for a range of minor emergencies, including broken or fractured bones, cuts, flu, neck or back pain, allergies, burns, fevers, urinary infections and more!. We can also help you with headaches, common sicknesses, and stomach pain. Our urgent care professionals are experienced and trained to handle a variety of conditions, and because we’re open for 24 hours a day, you never have to worry about getting in during set business hours.

We do our best to help you feel comfortable in our facility, and we treat patients of all ages, from small children to seniors. Give our Coachella, CA, center a call today at (760) 391-9062, or come in whenever you can. Why wait for hours to get treated when you can be on your way to recovery fast – drop by!

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