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When A Cold Goes Bad: 5 Signs You Need Medical Care


In most cases, the common cold does not require medical treatment. It is harmless and goes away on its own. Plenty of fluids and some over-the-counter medications are all that’s necessary to treat this common ailment. However, colds can turn bad. Secondary infections can occur, and these do require medical treatment.

But how do you know when your cold stops being harmless and transforms into something that requires a doctor’s care? Track your symptoms! If any of the following are true of your illness, you may want to make an appointment or go to urgent care.

4 Important Facts About Concussions


More than 300,000 people suffer sports-related concussions each year in the United States, and many more experience concussions due to car accidents, work-related trauma, and other incidents. Yet, as common as concussions are, most people know very little about these injuries. Here are four facts about concussions that you should know for your own safety and the safety of those around you.

Should You See an Urgent Care Provider for a UTI?

If you have ever felt a burning sensation while trying to urinate, you may have a urinary tract infection. These infections are severely painful, and they can pop up seemingly out of nowhere. If you believe you may have a urinary tract infection, read on. You may need medical attention.

What Causes Urinary Tract Infections?

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) occur after bacteria gets trapped in your urinary system, typically the urethra. The bacteria can spread into your bladder and kidneys. Because women have a shorter urethra, they are more likely to contract these infections than men.

The 411 on Dislocated Shoulders: Causes, Signs, and Treatments

From putting on a shirt and jacket to throwing a ball and picking up your child, your shoulder joints do a lot of things. Because of this excessive use, the shoulder joint is susceptible to various injuries. A dislocation, for instance, can cause immobility and pain of the shoulder. While surprising to learn, shoulders account for an estimated 50 percent of all joint dislocations, so the problem is quite common.

If you or a loved one have a possible dislocated shoulder, this guide and a medical professional will help you understand the signs, causes, and treatment options.

Not A Cold Or The Flu? Common Causes Of A Sore Throat

Why is your throat itchy and irritated? This common symptom signals a host of possible problems — ranging from minor to severe. If you feel that telltale tingle, take a look at the potential culprits behind your sore throat.

Allergy Issues

Your eyes are itchy, your nose is running, and you can’t stop sneezing. You don’t have body aches, fatigue, or a fever. But you do have a sore, scratchy throat. Do you have a cold? The flu? Or does your sore throat have another cause?

Understanding and Treating 3 Common Skin Infections

Over time, your skin will experience some distress. From cuts and scrapes to acne bumps and rashes, some issues that affect the skin are more common than others. In addition, some issues that affect your skin can become more dangerous than others. For example, certain infections that affect your skin may spread, affecting your overall health and wellness.

Considering your skin is your largest organ, proper understanding and care are essential. With this guide and a doctor’s help, you can diagnose and treat a few common infections of the skin.

MRSA Infections 

How Can You Stay Healthy in the Workplace?

Workplace absenteeism costs employers a collective $225.8 billion annually, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Beyond costing your employer in productivity losses, illness costs you in lost work time and lost pay. How can you reduce the risks of illness? Take a look at the top tips for staying healthy in the workplace.

Wash Your Hands

The CDC recommends washing your hands for 20 seconds, using soap and water. If you don’t have soap and running water available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer instead.

When should you wash your hands? While you don’t have to spend the work day lathering up, always wash:

What You Need to Know About Scorpions and Their Sting

If you live in Southern California, you probably know someone who has found a scorpion on their property. If you have seen one of these unmistakable lobster-like creatures yourself, you probably stayed well away from its stinger. Here’s what you need to know about scorpions and their sting and what to do if you are stung.

Which Species Are Common in Southern California?

Dozens of species of scorpions live throughout the desert southwest in California, Arizona, and Mexico. Here in the desert cities of Southern California, a few are more commonly found in the wilderness as well as residential areas:

Whiplash From Football: Critical Treatment Information

football player

Football triggers many types of injuries and tissue damage in players at all skill levels, including high school performance levels. Whiplash is one type of injury that can be painful to high school athletes. Therefore, parents of high school football players need to understand this injury and how to manage its occurrence with urgent care treatment.

Quick Tackles Can Cause Whiplash

High school running backs, receivers, and quarterbacks experience regular massive tackles during football games. These tackles may not be as hard as those experienced by college or professional athletes, but each hit can be damaging to their bodies. For example, Rush University Medical Center states that whiplash can occur in an individual with force as low as five to 10 miles per hour.


Flu or Not? Your Child and Influenza Lookalikes

The flu affects millions of people year-round. Even though December through March is typically peak flu season, the flu isn’t the only illness that can affect your child during the winter months. If your child is sick, take a look at some of the other common issues that can mimic the flu.


Before learning about what isn’t the flu, it’s helpful to learn about the most common influenza symptoms. While these can vary in number and severity, the flu typically includes:

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