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Avoid Medical Debt: Why Choosing Urgent Care Is the Smartest Choice for Your Wallet

When you need medical care but your doctor’s office is closed, the ER seems like the only option. The combination of the high cost and long wait and billing time can result in thousands of dollars in medical debt for emergency-room patrons. Even medications and minor consultations cost hundreds of dollars.

You can save money and avoid stressful medical bills by choosing urgent care instead.

Signs of Headache

Have a Headache? 7 Signs You Should Seek Medical Care

For many people, headaches are a normal, occasional part of life caused by innocuous circumstances like a change in stress or barometric pressure. These everyday headaches often respond to hydration, rest, and over-the-counter pain medication.

But a serious, sudden headache may not respond to at-home care options. If your headache persists in spite of your at-home efforts or exhibits any of the following seven symptoms, seek professional medical care.

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